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"Engaging lyrics and a nice melody. Production was good and suited the song. The double-tempo thing was unexpected, but it gave the song a real lift."
"...sounds really good. It was a nice surprise when the band slammed into action! Good impact and a great, energetic feel. Great musicianship all round. I hope it's a huge success for you."

 - Legendary Australian composer John Foreman reviewing tracks 'Touch the Ground' and 'Travellin' Man'

The Renzullo Project is a high-energy folk rock band from Perth, Western Australia. Their gritty, acoustic-driven sound has its roots in old-time gypsy music. The lyrics that bring this eclectic music to life tell of tales old and new - and many times far-fetched - but always with a wry sense of humour.

Fuelled by soaring harmonies, acoustic guitars, frantic mandolin, melodic bass and driving drums, The Renzullo Project delivers a raw folk rock sound that ranges from emotive ballads to maniacal explosions of musical energy.

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